Parliament – G. Papandreou: The government instrumentalized the pandemic with the opaque lists Petsa

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“The ND government has used the pandemic with the opaque Petsa lists to ensure a favorable response in the media field”, stressed in his speech the former Prime Minister George A. Papandreou, pointing out the need, the investigation (of the examination committee) to demonstrate the major democratic deficits and the cuts required in our democracy. The attitude of the Movement for Change and PASOK was, is and will be, light in everything. And if there are criminal responsibilities, let them be attributed, Mr. Papandreou underlined.

“In the past, citizens were filed according to the newspaper they read. Today, [..] the trend is, the informal control of the media through their acquisition or the way of financing “said Mr. Papandreou criticizing the government that under the pretext of the urgency of the pandemic they brought PNP that” overtook “the parliament from which they deprived its possibility Democracy to discuss, consult and control these decisions. We, he said, “had previously provided in our government the possibility of urgent decisions, but always with open and clear procedures.”

Regarding the pandemic communication campaign in particular, he said that “as a result, it seems that the government has failed in this. countries and the rapid increase in cases, unfortunately piping and deaths “.

As for companies conducting public opinion polls, he said: of the same newspapers explain why these investigations cannot be credible? “asked Mr. Papandreou.

Finally, the former Prime Minister said that “we who have promised and put into practice clarity and transparency in public life, free radio will always be on the side of knowledge, on the side of truth, of the informed and disenfranchised citizen, even if “But we believe that we will not be alone, that this very need is a demand of the Greek people and so we will continue. This is our identity and the mandate of our citizens,” said Mr Papandreou.

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