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Parliament: Request for waiver of immunity of ND MP M. Salma rejected

The rejection of the waiver of the immunity of the ND MP Marios Salmas was decided by the Plenary Session regarding a case file that was formed after a prosecutor’s report, attributing to him an attempt to intervene in the acceleration of the pending trial of the case.

172 deputies voted against the waiver of the deputy’s immunity, 88 deputies voted “for” the waiver, while nine voted with the “present”.

Mr. Salmas requested that the request for waiver of immunity be rejected. He stated that the case concerned the lawsuit he had filed against Novartis witness Nikos Manidakis, who in his testimony tried to involve him in the case. The MP claimed that because the case was delayed during the pre-trial and he was anxious for its progress, he called the secretariat of the Prosecutor’s Office, where he was informed that the prosecutor who had been charged had made a request for dismissal and this request is being discussed in the Council of Misdemeanors. on Friday, December 8, 2019. He also said that he was informed that the president of the Council was the president of the Court of First Instance, Charalambos Sevastidis, and that they gave him his landline to contact him in order to receive information about the whereabouts of the case. Mr. Salmas stated that at 11 in the morning he called the president of the Council who, according to the ND MP, before completing his question, told him that “you are calling me wrong, I am a judge and you should not intervene “and hung up the phone. “In the afternoon of the same day, he sent a report to the Supreme Court that I called him to intervene in the acceleration of my pending case,” said Mr. Salmas.

He noted that the Council, as it appears from the Minutes, had already decided by 9.00 in the morning of the same day, the exception of the prosecutor who had been charged with the case, therefore he could not ask him and make any intervention as he already had decided by the Council.

Mr. Salmas also stigmatized the announcement “that the Union of Judges and Prosecutors of Greece hastened to issue against him immediately that night”, while he praised the announcement issued the next day by the Union of Greek Prosecutors, which, according to the MP of ND, states that “according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, knowledge of the course of a case as well as copies of it, at the pre-trial stage, can be obtained by the parties coming themselves or through their attorneys from the competent office of the Prosecutor’s Office”.

Waiver of immunity Dion. Stamenitis

The lifting of the immunity of the ND MP Dionysis Stamenitis was decided by a majority of the Plenary Session for two criminal cases with 265 votes “for” against one “against”.

Earlier, the ND MP asked the House to support the lifting of his immunity for both cases as they “do not hide political expediency and I believe that regardless of the parliamentary capacity should be judged by justice.”

The first case concerns his term as chairman of the Board of Directors at Olympic Properties SA for infidelity caused by a contract for the management and maintenance of facilities, which, however, as he stressed, “had expired 6 days before he took over the chairmanship of the company”.

The second case concerns the accusation of complicity in infidelity, regarding a non-binding opinion received in 2016, the Board of the PPA for the reconstruction of a warehouse, where he participated as a representative of the TEE. The ND MP expressed his surprise for the fact that he is accused of the positive scientific opinion he had for the implementation of the project, noting that it was neither binding nor had anything to do with the announcement of the project, the choice of the contractor, the its contracting and the execution of the project.

Source: Capital

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