Parliament: The discussion of the SYRIZA inquiry on fan violence in the Plenary Session

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But also the measures of the government and the actions of the police authorities.
The fan violence and the actions of the police authorities regarding the operation of the fan club, of which the people arrested for the murder of Alkis Kampanos were allegedly members, as well as the measures to deal with the escalation of violence based on sports events, are the subject of the current questioning of SYRIZA, which has been discussed since the morning in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

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SYRIZA MPs called on the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, and the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, to answer whether the fan club in which the people arrested for the murder of Alki Kampos were allegedly operating, was a member. Authorities found a pile of dangerous objects, which fall under the provisions on sports violence. Also, when and from which Authority did he obtain the relevant permit?

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They also asked for information if the fan club in question was operating illegally, without complying with the provisions of the law, if the competent police authority was aware of its existence and why there were no appropriate sealing actions before the horrific murder took place.

At the same time, they ask for information on what measures will be taken to really address the escalation of fan violence and the prevention of delinquent behaviors and criminal acts that occur under the pretext of sports and what is the account of the policy of the Ministry of Citizen Protection in dealing with phenomena fan violence, culminating in the tragic murder of Alkis Kampanos.

During the discussion, SYRIZA MPs Thanos Moraitis, Sia Anagnostopoulou, Theofilos Xanthopoulos, Konstantinos Markou, Dionysis Kalamatianos, Kalliopi Vetta and Elisavet Skoufi, said that the episodes of fan violence “increased due to the recent outside the stadiums and for this they are responsible for the “failed measures” of the current government, which “received, in 2019, a legal framework, which if applied, today would not need to seek official and political responsibilities of another fan murder.”

Official opposition lawmakers also said that the government, instead of implementing the SYRIZA framework, “restored the nickname, with fragmentary toughening of sentences, against all scientific views, achieving the opposite results”, after the spiral of violence continued. .

In addition to the information requested by the SYRIZA MPs, they raise the issue of the relations of former and current police officers with the PAE, “which do not allow the authorities to exercise their controlling role”. They also raise the issue of “underground relations of far-right elements with some legal or illegal fan clubs”.

Particularly for the heinous murder of the young Alkis Kampanos, the SYRIZA MPs called on Mr. Theodorikakos and Mr. Avgenakis to answer “whether the police did their job before the murder of Alkis Kampanos”.

As the questioning comes just days after the new law on anti-violence was passed, opposition lawmakers remarked that “it’s weird how the police, the government discovers arsenals in universities and it arrives fast, very fast , in the creation of university police and could not control what is happening inside the fan clubs “.

In relation to the harsher penalties introduced by the law recently passed by Parliament and the crime of “hood”, SYRIZA MPs noted that this is a provision that violates any notion of proportionality and can lead to a disproportion between crime and punishment. They also noted that the new law inadmissibly expands the content of the offense of forming a criminal organization and strengthens the concept of a dangerous perpetrator and eliminates “in an equal level an important institution of special prevention”, with the complete abolition of suspension of execution and even “for young or new offenders, with minor offenses”, without allowing the judge to assess each case separately, based on the act.

In conclusion and according to what the SYRIZA MPs said, “the long-suffering, existing legal framework was sufficient. The legal means for dealing with the offenders existed, but they are not implemented” and a holistic treatment of the social phenomenon of violence is needed.

“If we do not shed light on why our young people are easily subjugated by such ideologies, the organized state will continue to fail to tackle violence and fan violence,” said lawmakers, who called on the government to answer questions. seriously, and with the help of experts, on the profile of the perpetrators, on the social phenomenon of violence, because “these children mainly come from poor, impoverished popular classes, in which other forms of violence, such as domestic violence, may be encountered. “, are children who may” see their father in the face of the impasse of neoliberal policies, be unemployed, their mother have no food, no electricity, no heating in their house. ”

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