Parliament: The new budget in the Finance Committee

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With the presentation of the reform of the 2022 performance budget, the discussion of the 2022 budget began in the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the Parliament. “The Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, said, however, that the administration should be even more involved in order to utilize the available tools, to utilize the budgets of the programs and in order for the performance indicators to become increasingly essential.

“It is an ant job and it is in everyone’s interest for this job to become more and more substantial. they will operate at the expense of quality “, stressed Mr. Skylakakis. In particular, regarding the more detailed classification of budgeted expenditures, the Deputy Minister of Finance referred to the expenditures for health, for which he pointed out that it will be 11.7 billion. euro in 2022, ie an amount of health expenditure corresponding to 6.2% of GDP, compared to 7% which is the European average.

The benefits and tools of the performance budget were also discussed by the Secretary General of Fiscal Policy as well as officials of the Ministry of Finance, benefits “budgets that support enhanced information, accountability, better management and control over the management of public resources”. They also said that the performance budget will allow better monitoring of policy areas with great importance, in fact, and will strengthen accountability in financial management.

As mentioned in the presentation of the performance budget, “in 2021 the first stage of the pilot planning of the new system is completed, with the presentation of the performance budget for 2022 for all the Central Administration Bodies (FKD) and the Greek Parliament, according to the schedule The current stage of the reform corresponds to the introduction of the budget presentation with performance data, which according to the OECD is called the presentational approach. to monitor the implementation of the Programs, in order to prepare the transition to the next stage for the completion of the reform, to the base and its support by the appropriate integrated information system. for residence new rules for voting, implementation, monitoring, management and control of the budget under the new system “.



Source From: Capital

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