Passenger traffic at the country’s three major ports is soaring

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Her Anastasia Cotton

Passenger traffic in the three major ports of the country is recording a steady increase that will escalate even more in the coming days. In the port of Rafina the increase exceeds 25%, in Lavrio 20% and in the port of Piraeus close to 14%.

Departures – July 2022

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Piraeus 791,878 passengers – 13.75% increase

Rafina 178,385 passengers – – 25.17% increase

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Lavrio 66,590 passengers – 20.59% increase

July 2021

Piraeus 696,142 passengers

Rafina 142,511 passengers

Lavrio 55,222 passengers

Specifically, in July 2022, 791,878 passengers departed from the port of Piraeus, while in the corresponding month of 2021, 696,142 passengers departed.

178,385 passengers departed from the port of Rafina, while last year 142,511 passengers left for the Cyclades. Finally, 66,590 passengers departed from the port of Lavrio in July 2022 and 55,222 passengers in the corresponding month of 2021.

Today, 26,265 passengers with destinations in the Cyclades, Crete, Rhodes and North Aegean are expected to depart from the port of Piraeus. For tomorrow, Saturday, 32,745 passengers are expected to depart for the same destinations, while on Sunday 07-08, 22,757 passengers.

If we also include the ships departing for Argosaronic destinations that are estimated to serve around 10,000 passengers daily, more than 110,000 passengers are expected to depart from the port of Piraeus alone in this three-day period. These figures result from the reservations made until yesterday at the shipping companies.

The Port Authority has taken all the necessary measures to facilitate the passengers, while it is good for those who are going to travel to be at the ship’s departure dock an hour earlier, due to increased traffic on the surrounding roads.

Source: Capital

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