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Passengers from the helicopter of the Iranian president gave signs of life – It crashed due to dense fog

At least two passengers from Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter have shown signs of life, according to an Iranian official, as Tehran receives aid from around the world, including Europe. The official spoke to Sky News on condition of anonymity and said one person had been able to contact authorities. Also, a rescuer assisting in the investigations in statements he made on Iranian television said that there is communication with at least two people who were on board the helicopter, however they have not been located, nor are details of their condition known. Furthermore, Iran's television reported that the helicopter fell due to adverse weather conditions and mainly due to heavy fog in the area. Aid to Iran from around the world Iraqi authorities have ordered the interior ministry, the Red Crescent and other relevant agencies to offer their assistance to neighboring Iran and participate in the investigations. In addition, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Yanes Lenarcic, announced that “after […]
Source: News Beast

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