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Pasta: the 8 cooking mistakes to avoid

There are those who cook it in too much or too little water, many do not put the salt at the right time or use the wrong pot: these are some of the most common mistakes – that you can find, with the relative solutions, in the gallery above – that even we Italians, who grew up with the best pasta in the world, commit when we have to cook it. Many prepare it in such a mechanical way that they don’t realize they are making a mistake, and one in 5 Italian Italian Food Union, openly declares that he has some difficulty in disentangling shapes, sauces, cooking times.

This despite the fact that pasta is now more than ever part of our daily life: in 2020 over 50 million more packages of pasta entered the pantries of Italians, with peaks in purchases of about + 40% in March (when on the shelves there are only the smooth feathers remained).

Starting from here the Italian pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food have just launched #PastaDiscovery: a cycle of virtual appointments to follow on the welovepasta.it website and on social channels (Instagram @welovepasta_unionfood, Twitter @welovepasta, www.facebook.com/welovepasta.unionfood) with advice for the denied in the kitchen and for experts who want to refine the technique. “We don’t have the presumption of teaching Italians how to cook pasta, since they already know a lot,” he says Riccardo Felicetti, President of Italian pasta makers. «We realized that some information is not fully acquired and that the younger generations – in particular – have the desire and pleasure to learn. Through Pasta Discovery we want to celebrate this renewed love between Italians and pasta».

The ideas of #PastaDiscovery consist of videos, posts, photos also dedicated to the history, culture and science of pasta made with the advice of experts and chefs, such as Cristina Bowerman, starred chef and president of the Ambasciatori del Gusto association, protagonist of the first cycle of events dedicated entirely to cooking pasta (the next ones will be dedicated to formats and sauces).

It’s not a casuality: everything depends on cooking, and it is also a very, very delicate matter. According to 8 out of 10 Italians (Doxa data – Italian Food Union) cooking is the main indicator of the perceived quality of pasta, but then everyone eats it in their own way because we continue to divide ourselves between «Soft» of «crude», between those who follow the minutes indicated on the package to the letter (even if they are not always easily found), and those who instead go to the sentiment following a very personal school of thought. This is no small matter, which also puts chefs to the test. “TOreal dry pasta in paper in a restaurant is a great challenge and a demonstration of skill»Says Cristina Bowerman. «For perfect cooking – he explains – an entire kitchen must be coordinated, and if the pasta goes wrong because it has cooked too much or too little, you have to start all over again. Have you ever wondered why abroad they almost always only make fresh pasta? ». In the gallery above you will find tips from Cristina Bowerman and Unione Italiana Food to stop cooking mistakes and eat a perfect pasta dish

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