Pastor says that Jesus does not return to Earth because the faithful do not donate enough money

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The multimillionaire pastor Jesse Duplantis believes that if people give enough money to their church, God will send him Jesus on earth.

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The evangelical pastor was present at the 4-day event called Victorython, which was broadcast live on the Victory channel and attempted in an impressive way to raise the donations.

“I honestly believe that Jesus is not coming because people do not offer, as God told them, to offer,” he said, urging people to pick up their phones and donate money.

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“I really believe that. “If people call this number and make Victory known to the whole world, God will tell Jesus to go.”

He went on to say: “What prevents him from coming is that people do not do in the economic field, because we live in an economic world, what God has called them to do. You know; He called us to do it. “

Of course, it is worth noting that this pastor, Jesse Duplantis, is a multimillionaire and as he said he also has a private jet, which he will deliver after the return of Jesus.

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