Patient is isolated and surveillance makes contact with close people, says David Uip

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The first case of monkeypox was confirmed in Brazil on Wednesday (8), in the city of São Paulo. The patient is a 41-year-old man, who was in Spain and Portugal and presented the first symptoms, such as fever and muscle pain, on May 28. The patient is in isolation at Hospital Emílio Ribas, in the West Zone of São Paulo.

In an interview with CNN this Friday (10), the secretary of Science, Research and Development in Health of São Paulo, David Uip, stated that the situation is not alarming.

“The individual, when he has a diagnosis, is isolated. If this diagnosis results in a more exuberant clinical disease, he is admitted to a hospital, as was our patient admitted to the Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas”, said Uip.

“The patient is isolated, the epidemiological surveillance service of the state contacts all the people who were close to the index case, with this patient, and monitors the incubation period”, he added.

The disease is caused by a virus that belongs to the orthopoxvirus genus of the Poxviridae family. There are two groups of monkeypox virus: those from West Africa and those from the Congo Basin (Central Africa).

Monkeypox virus is transmitted from one person to another by close contact with injuries, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminated materials such as bedding. The incubation period is usually 6 to 13 days, but can range from 5 to 21 days.

“The individual who had contact with this patient continues to be monitored until this incubation period ends. On the 21st day, he either showed signs of illness or not. If not, it is released. If he has a disease, he is followed up by the health services”, explained Uip.

mask use

The disease can also be spread by skin contact during sex, including kissing, touching, oral sex, and penetration with someone who has symptoms. As protective measures, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends avoiding close contact with anyone who has symptoms.

Symptoms of monkeypox include a blistering rash on the face, hands, feet, eyes, mouth or genitals, fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches and muscle aches, and lack of energy.

Prevention measures include seeking medical attention in the face of symptoms, followed by isolation at home. Skin, face and sexual contact with anyone who has symptoms should be avoided. Hands, objects and surfaces that are regularly touched should be sanitized. The WHO also recommends the mask use if you are in close contact with someone with symptoms.

“The advice to the secretary of health and the governor is that we have the same precautionary measures, that is, recommendation for people, especially the most vulnerable, to wear a mask in closed environments,” said Uip. “Who are the most vulnerable people: older people, those with preexisting diseases such as diabetes, transplant patients and patients undergoing cancer treatment”, he added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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