Patient with Down syndrome becomes ill and dies after being discharged from UPA in DF

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A mother reported negligence in the care provided to her 30-year-old son with Down Syndrome at an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Ceilândia, in the Federal District. Warlley Eduardo Pires died after being discharged from the site last Friday (10).

According to Maria de Lourdes Pires’ account, they went to the UPA because Warlley’s blood glucose was high. He was treated and discharged.

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Upon leaving the UPA, however, the victim became ill and the mother sought help again. According to her, the doctor said that the patient should go home.

“In the meantime, he started thrashing around and becoming agitated. Arriving at the doctor, I said ‘doctor, my son is not well and I’m not going home’, and he replied ‘your son has pneumonia, you already have the guidelines, right? You can go home, because he’s discharged”.

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Maria de Lourdes says she insisted and waited with her son in a waiting room for “a long time”. Warlley was still agitated, he hit his head on the floor and, even so, they were allowed to leave.

“I told the doctor that my son had hit his head on the floor and he said he would be under observation for 24 hours. After a while, a nurse came and said we could go home.”

The mother also says that they only took her son “to a red room” when he fainted.

“The doctor said that in the red room he had two cardiac arrests. He had already been sedated and was in a coma”, reported Maria de Lourdes.

Warlley was even sent to the ICU, but he did not resist.

In a note, the IgesDF (Institute of Strategic Health Management of the Federal District), explains that it opened an internal investigation to determine the facts related to patient care.

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The IgesDF explains that the patient WEPCS was admitted to the UPA of Ceilândia II on 03/09/2023 at 8:50 am, taken by the SAMU due to a seizure and fever the day before, evaluated and classified with orange severity at 8:54 am and attended by the doctor at 9:03 am.

Laboratory tests and X-rays were performed, intravenous antibiotics were started. The patient evolves with psychomotor agitation, medication was administered according to the clinical picture presented.

At around 2:10 pm, the patient evolved with a lowered level of consciousness and was taken to the red room for a better evaluation, vital signs and laboratory tests.

Evolves into cardiorespiratory arrest at 2:20 pm, and resuscitation maneuvers are performed according to the ACLS protocol and Orotracheal Intubation. After 30 minutes, spontaneous circulation was restored, coupled to the mechanical ventilator and subjected to medication.

He presented a new CRP, again reestablished central circulation.

He was promptly inserted into a regulation bed, with a request for an ICU bed. The ICU bed was made available at Hospital de Samambaia and the patient was transferred at 11:45 pm on the same day.

The death did not occur in the UPA.

The IgesDF informs that it opened an internal investigation to determine the facts related to the patient’s care.

Source: CNN Brasil

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