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Patients seek emergency care after using hair ointment

Patients seek emergency care after using hair ointment

Vision became blurred, then came temporary blindness. Hellen Lyra went to the hairdresser to have her hair styled, using hair pomade. However, hours later, the product slipped and she got into her eyes. The student had an eye burn and both eyes were affected. After seeking medical assistance, she was started on treatment and her vision gradually returned to normal.

“I’m using three medications, at the right time, doing everything right, compresses, just as the ophthalmologist passed. And this is what is improving my eyes a lot. I spent a few hours without seeing. Then the vision became blurred, as if I had a cover over my eyes, and it affected me a lot”, explains Hellen.

The case was not the only one recorded this weekend in Recife. There were more than 100 in ophthalmological emergencies after the carnival previews. Symptoms include pain, burning, redness, difficulty opening your eyes and blurry vision. All this caused by the use of modeling ointments.

Eye poisoning may have occurred because sweat or water mixed with the product, which flowed and fell into the eyes.

“The intensity of the symptoms and the severity of the involvement depend a lot on the magnitude of the lesion on the cornea. Most patients have conjunctivitis or chemical keratitis. We can have from mild symptoms with a faster full recovery, to more severe symptoms, with the need for a more ostensive and lasting treatment that can lead to severe injuries”, explains ophthalmologist Kayo Espósito.

These cases were not the first to be recorded. In January, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) published new inspection measures for hair ointments used to braid hair.

Among the measures are: collection of products, suspension of use and even a ban on sale. Still according to the agency, all these ointments can pose a risk to health, since investigations point to a correlation between these products and cases of eye poisoning.

The concern of the supervisory body and specialists increases with the arrival of Carnival, because the use of these cosmetics on the scalp is becoming more and more frequent.

Which can increase the number of people in emergencies and permanent vision complications.

Source: CNN Brasil