Patrick Zaki: one year in prison. Italy is mobilizing

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Patrick Zaki | he has been in prison for 365 days. A year has passed since last February 8, when he was stopped for questioning in Cairo, Egypt. Since that time, postponement after postponement has remained in prison.

He had come from Bologna, where he was studying and working as researchers at the university, to spend a few days with his family. The charges were not disclosed at the time of the arrest. Only after the interrogation it became known that he was accused of subversive propaganda and terrorismor via some Facebook posts, according to the indictment. Although the researcher’s “not guilty” has been proven in court, Patrick Zaki remains in prison. The latest 45-day renewal by the court was announced in early February.

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“We don’t know when this nightmare will end”. Patrick’s sister Marise told La7. The woman, in the same days together with her family, launched an appeal to be given Italian citizenship to her brother.

“We have discovered that my brother is in danger of remaining in prison for a year, two years or perhaps more. And it is unknown if he will ever be released from prison. What Patrick tells us during the visits is to “continue what you started to bring my freedom close” ».

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The initiatives aimed at his release are many and have not stopped for a year. Today is the day of “Voices for Patrick”. A musical marathon organized by Amnesty International, Mei (Meeting of independent labels) and Voices for freedom.

Twelve hours of music, over 150 artists. Including Roy Paci and Marina Rei who will follow each other in a great online event. From 12 to 24, to ask for his freedom. It is the largest musical mobilization organized for Patrick.

“A Woodstock of Italian music for Patrick”, He tells us Michele Lionello, artistic director of Voices for Freedom.

«Our goal is to continue asking for freedom for Patrick. We know for sure that when he spoke to his family and lawyers, he expressed the satisfaction of knowing that there are thousands and thousands of people who are mobilizing for him in Italy. And we will continue to do so, even for to light a light on the human rights situation in Egypt. Thinking of the even sadder story of Giulio Regeni or even of many Egyptians who are incarcerated and of whom nothing is known ».

The marathon will be live. On the social channels of Voices for Freedom, the video contributions of the artists will alternate with live ones from people who are close to Patrick’s story. There will be three of his friends, the coordinator of the Gemma project that Patrick was working on, representatives of Amnesty and the institutions.

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