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Paul McCartney mentions people “making love” in a 1990 show and connection with Brazil

Paul McCartney praised the connection with his fans in Brazil and recalled the first show he played in the country, in 1990, last Friday (1).

The singer, who brought the “Got Back” tour to Brazilians this year, with shows in Brasília, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro, was the interviewee of the week on Globo’s “Conversa co Bial” program.

Paul spoke about his first show in the country, at the Maracanã Stadium (RJ) in 1990, when he performed two nights and achieved a record attendance at the venue, with 184 thousand people.

The artist says that the experience in Brazil was “magical”, and that there were people “making love” in the audience.

“What I liked most was that there were people from my team in the crowd, who said that there were people making love in the crowd,” he recalls.

“I missed it, but I would have liked to have seen it”, the singer explained that he likes to understand the public’s reaction.

Paul also spoke about the connection he feels with Brazilian fans. “They [brasileiros] They love my music, it’s a great connection. It’s always great to come to Brazil,” she says.

The singer explained why the Beatles never performed in the country, “we simply listened to our agent”, he says.

“If he never mentioned Brazil, we would never come here. But today it’s my choice, I can ask my producer: ‘I want to go to Brazil, is it possible?”, he explains.

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*Published by Iasmin Paiva

Source: CNN Brasil

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