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Paula Fernandes takes on a sensual side in a photoshoot: “Much more mature”

The singer Paula Fernandes, 39 published a series of sexy photos , this Friday (7), and vented about his career and the place he achieved “in a segment that was dominated by men”. She further states that achieved many of your dreams and desires .

In the text, the artist recalled having received many proposals to take more sensual photos, but she states that she saw her art only in music: “I didn’t want anything to confuse people’s association with my public figure”. Today, however, she says that the time for this registration has come.

“After achieving all my dreams, having I won two Grammys (in addition to several nominations), having placed more than 20 songs in soap operas, having played and duetted with the biggest artists in Brazil and the world, I feel that I have completed this stage. I gained the space I wanted, without exposing myself, as were the proposals I received.”

Paula Fernandes also commented on her personal evolution throughout her career and said she was more mature, independent and confident. “This essay was born from the desire to have a memory of woman who empowered herself achieved prominence in a segment that was dominated by men and achieved many of her dreams and desires.”

In the images, the singer appears in lingerie and even topless, in a farm environment, according to her, because this is the world in which she grew up and inspired her songs. The artist also highlights that all this transformation shown in the rehearsal appears in her new album “Which Love Makes You Happy?” .

“Acceptance and understanding that each love has its own form and its time. Mine, at the moment, is self-love. Free. No self judgement. Accepting me. Overcoming my complexes. Stripping away myself,” she concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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