Pavlos Christidis: ‘Creating a modern PASOK’

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“A message of optimism, strength is a message of perspective of the PASOK faction, which has a glorious past, a hopeful present and has and is predicted a bright future,” said the candidate for president of the Movement for Change, Pavlos Christidis, during a press conference in Thessaloniki.

“The crucial role will be played again by the underprivileged of 2021, the people who feel that politicians do not listen to them, do not listen to them, all these years and that politics is very far from their daily lives. These everyday people I want to express my candidacy “, said Mr. Christidis.

“To create a modern PASOK”

At the same time, he stressed that “the time has come to create a new modern and innovative, pioneering, modern PASOK, to re-express the majority currents of civil society that can not be expressed even by the maintenance of this government, the New Democracy, nor from the maintenance, which was expressed in the previous years by the government policies of SYRIZA and ANEL “.

“I ask for the support of the citizens so that we can change everything”

“I ask for the support of the people to change everything,” he said. , to clash with all those who must clash “.

“There are only lost opportunities, not lost votes”

Asked about the polls and the opinion that the first three have been formed in the first round of the internal party elections and therefore the votes of the other three candidates are “lost”, Mr. Christidis replied: “There are only lost opportunities, there are no lost votes and whoever uses such a perception, has no place in our party “.

Pavlos Christidis visited the “Ippokratio” hospital and said that he noticed the over-effort made by the human resources. He noted that the NSS and its people were not supported in time by the central administration and asked for its substantial reinforcement, based on the proposals submitted by Fofi Gennimata.

At 19.30, Mr. Christidis will speak at the oval cafe.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ


Source From: Capital

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