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Payment of the 2nd installment ENFIA at OPAP agencies through Tora Wallet

Taxpayers without queues and waiting, either using cash or by debit, credit or prepaid card.

Tora Wallet service in OPAP stores enables the public to settle their debts and pay their obligations in a very simple and fast way. The opening hours of OPAP stores help with this, as people can pay their bills daily and on weekends until late at night. Especially for the payment of ENFIA, many people preferred our store for the payment of the first installment. There are still a few hours left for the payment of the second installment and those who want to meet the deadline can immediately visit an OPAP store, says Anastasia Harakidou, owner of an OPAP store located in Nea Penteli Square, on Iroon Polytechniou Street.

Payment of more than 300 organizations and companies

In OPAP stores, it is possible to pay bills such as debts of the State, insurance funds, electricity, gas, water, insurance, telephony, Internet and pay-TV, regardless of the provider.

Customers of OPAP stores can pay more than 300 bills of organizations and companies through the Tora Wallet service, while building their tax-free limit. Many customers prefer to come to the store and pay their bills on weekends, as they do not work and have more free time, says Ms. Harakidou.

Source: Capital

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