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Payment with the palm of your hand: learn how viral Chinese technology works

The advancement of technology never ceases to surprise us! This week, the Brazilian influencer’s video Marina Guaragna went viral on social media when it showed a payment method from China, which uses the palm of the hand to complete financial transactions.

The tool was developed by the company Tencent the same person responsible for the chat app WeChat . Recently implemented, the technology called Weixin Palm Payment is available in the southern part of the country and uses infrared cameras to analyze each person’s biometrics and hand veins.

Even tourists can use the payment method by registering on one of the company’s totems, which before scanning your hand, requests your name, telephone number, passport number, an active account on the WeChat Pay app and a credit or debit card. linked.

In China, the technology is used to pay in markets, stores and even on the subway. However, the Asian country is not the only one that relies on innovation.

In September 2020, the application was launched in the United States Amazon One an Amazon payment system that is also based on hand biometrics.

So far, this method can only be used in the company’s physical stores, the Whole Food Market chain and partner establishments. To use it, you need to download the app and scan your palm using your cell phone.

Source: CNN Brasil

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