PCC leader Marcola is transferred from Rondônia to the Federal District

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The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, informed that the detainee Marco Willians Herbas Camacho, known as Marcola, was transferred this Wednesday (25th) from the federal penitentiary in Porto Velho to the federal penitentiary in Brasília. Marcola is appointed as one of the main leaders of the criminal organization Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC).

The transfer operation was coordinated by the Ministry of Justice’s Secretariat for Penal Policies and carried out during the afternoon, under tight security. The reason for the change of prison, according to the minister himself, would be the existence of an alleged escape plan for Marcola from the unit.

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“The transfer was made from one federal prison to another, precisely in order to prevent an alleged plan to escape or rescue this prisoner. Therefore, this operation was necessary to guarantee the safety of society”, said Dino in an interview with Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) vehicles. According to him, the prisoner is already in the federal capital.

Marcola had been transferred to Rondônia in March last year. He had just left the federal penitentiary in Brasilia. At the time, the removal was a request from the governor of the DF Ibaneis Rocha, currently removed from office by decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), after the coup acts of January 8, in the federal capital.

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The PCC leader had already passed through the Porto Velho federal penitentiary in 2019. Marcola accumulates convictions that add up to more than 300 years.

Source: CNN Brasil

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