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PCC members who planned an attack on Sergio Moro died for not fulfilling their duties, says prosecutor

The death of the two PCC members, suspected of planning the attack against Sérgio Moro, was reportedly ordered by the top brass of the criminal organization.

Prosecutor Lincoln Gakiya, who has been investigating the Capital’s First Command for more than 20 years, said in an interview with CNN that the PCC leadership believed that the victims did not fulfill their roles within the organization well.

According to Gakiya, Janeferson Aparecido Mariano (known as Nefo) and Reginaldo Oliveira Souza (called Rê), were part of the PCC’s elite squad, Sintonia Restricta, linked directly to the leadership.

This group, according to the prosecutor, was created to carry out terrorist acts, attacks and murders. The organization selects individuals with experience in handling large-caliber weapons and murders, including bank robbers, who await orders to develop a criminal plan.

Gakiya also stated that the plan against Sérgio Moro was not a kidnapping, but rather an attempt on the senator’s life.

The expert explains that, during Operation Sequaz launched in March 2023, the Federal Police identified one of the main members of the PCC who was outside the country: Patric Velinton Salomão (known as Forjado).

“Forjado credited the fact of being investigated in this operation to these members (Nefo and Ré), who ended up taking prints screen of conversations between members during a live, and this print helped us identify the members of this sector”, explains the promoter. Solomon would have felt harmed by Nefo and Ré for having acted incorrectly.

The prosecutor also states that it is still premature to draw a conclusion about the homicides, as the Civil Police are investigating the case. However, he added that the murders did not come from an internal feud among the prisoners.

“No P2 prisoner would take this action on their own. This order came from outside and, possibly, from the top,” says Gakiya.

Source: CNN Brasil

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