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PDF Extra 7.4.1191

PDF Extra 7.4.1191

Whether you are submitting receipts to your employer or saving an article in a magazine for later reference, Quick PDF Scanner can help you scan and digitize paper documents with ease.

Fast PDF Scanner features a completely redesigned interface, much faster image processing to capture your documents faster than ever, and intelligent real-time edge detection.

Main advantages:

  • Flexible and modern user interface according to your needs
  • Tracking the frame of your document, ensuring the fastest and most accurate detection
  • Advanced camera settings and full customization of the resulting PDF file
  • Optical character recognition for fast photo and text conversions in 49 languages
  • Optimized interface for faster scanning
  • Batch Scanning Multiple Pages of Documents
  • Ability to customize scanned pages with new zoom levels and crops
  • Custom Scene and Focus Modes
  • Capture images in portrait and landscape orientation
  • Customizable color effects including white balance and exposure compensation along with custom contrast in Threshold brighten mode
  • Saving Scanned Documents as Images
  • Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, WebP and JPEG image formats
  • Work with external / internal storage devices and create PDFs from existing graphic files
  • Import from connected cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive and more
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easy document digitization
  • Automatic backup and restore to connected Google Drive
  • Page sizes – from widely used A4 and letter formats to any user-defined size
  • Delete, add, copy and move pages in custom documents
  • Saving individual pages as images
  • Supports page format, margins, quality and resolution
  • Advanced PDF settings can be applied to the entire document or just on one page
  • Printing from network and cloud printers
  • Favorites and New folders for quick access to PDF files
  • Sorting documents by their name, number of pages and creation date
  • Search by document name
  • Publish via email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, social media, and cloud storage accounts



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