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‘Peaks’ Vodafone against EETT, addressed to OTE

Of Foti Foteinou

The President and CEO of Vodafone Greece, Haris Broumidis, referred to the development plan of Vodafone Greece and its transformation into a modern “technology and communications” company at yesterday’s event with representatives of the Press.

Mr. Broumidis’s speech did not miss the points against EETT for the existing cost model, on the occasion of the case of the free speed upgrade of OTE fixed broadband internet.

Also, the President and CEO of Vodafone Greece argued that, by the end of 2025, the company will have 800,000 FttH lines and at the same time, will aim to increase revenue through activities that are not purely telecommunications, such as ICT projects, expecting in the two years 2022 – 23 the provision (private and public) projects of 200 million euros in this field.

Vodafone, OTE and EETT

Mr. Broumidis took an extensive position yesterday in the case of OTE’s free gear upgrade, presenting the rationale of Vodafone’s policy, which had asked for the relevant process to be “frozen”, through the filing of precautionary measures.

“Vodafone did not want OTE to stop giving fast speeds. Vodafone, what it claimed, is that if OTE is to do it, Vodafone, WIND and NOVA must be able to do it,” he stressed. at first.

“OTE did just fine. It had to make a commercial move and submitted its packages. What we said is that you can not, with a 2011 model, approve packages in 2022, EETT has recognized it, it knows that it is obsolete model, “he added.

“I think there was a Regulatory Holiday and in the Regulatory Holiday the one who is favored is the regulated one and the one who is wronged is the other”, stressed the President and CEO of Vodafone Greece, expressing his optimism that the existing cost model of EET will change.

Regarding Vodafone’s commercial policy / packages, he commented that “we will not copy OTE, our strategy is more adapted to the final consumer need and not only to speeds”, citing for example the availability of the Vodafone 100, with free content of Vodafone TV.

By 2025 800,000 FttH lines, source support and from alternative sectors

The President and CEO of Vodafone Greece also referred to the company’s investment plan and its evolution into a modern “technology and communications” company.

Regarding the investment plan, he noted that the plan of 600 million euros remains in force, which focuses mainly on the development of the Ftth network and the 5G network, announcing a new investment plan.

Also, as he underlined, the goal is to create 800,000 Ftth lines by 2025 (Vodafone has not had any discussions with PPC) and to raise revenue from “no connectivity” services.

“The company is very different, compared to 6-8 years ago. The company was then a mobile company, all revenue was from voice, data and messages. It made 100% sales on physical channels.

“Today, the company is a provider of mobile and fixed telephony, television, ICT in the public and private sector, we have successes in the Recovery Fund and in the field of IoT”, underlined Mr. Broumidis.

“Now less than 70% of our revenue is from mobile telephony, the rest comes from fixed and new services”, he added, emphasizing that “through the investments we make, the company will be only FttH in a few years”, while strengthening the nationwide coverage of the 5G network.

“In 2016, 100% of sales were in physical channels, retail and telemarketing, today 30% of the company’s sales are made through digital channels.

We want to become a technology and communications company, in the coming years 30% of the revenue will come from non-connectivity services, ie from new services, such as IoT, ICT, television and business products “, stressed Mr. Broumidis, presenting the development company plan.

Regarding pay-TV, he stressed that the collaboration with Disney + is going well, “this makes sense, as the content is very good, people were expecting it, the company’s goal is to add HBO max”.

Respectively, for the general course of the market, he stated that the mobile market is going well, due to the increase of data and that the fixed one is going up, due to the upgrades made to the speeds.

“At the moment we have not seen any impact from what OTE is doing, it is still early.

“As for Vodafone, we have been upgrading for two years now, we have almost 1 million customers and in recent years we have upgraded 350,000 to twice or more speeds, at cost,” he said.

“Depending on the customer, we will proceed to what is needed most, it can be speed upgrade or content. For example, the Vodafone 100 customer has Vodafone TV for free for the entire year of the contract,” he added.

Finally, as “threats” to the industry he included inflation, energy costs and staff shortages, stressing that – at present – the company will not adjust tariffs.

Source: Capital

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