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Pedro Scooby says that dog rescued in RS got his name

Peter Scooby 35, told followers that a gaucho shelter gave his name to one of the rescued dogs faced with the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul .

The athlete and ex-BBB member was among the celebrities who volunteered to rescue victims of the floods that have been devastating the state since the beginning of the month.

Back in Rio de Janeiro, Scooby took the opportunity to congratulate his wife, the model and businesswoman Cintia Dicker for all the mobilization to help the affected population.

“You are a fortress. I love you,” he wrote and then shared the record of the dog named after him.

Dog rescued in RS is named Pedro Scooby

While searching, the surfer rescued a dog and took it to the state of Rio.

“There was a dog that stayed on my lap on the jet ski. And I even said 'he adopted me'. But after he went to the screening, I ended up not meeting him again. Then I started asking everyone. We found it. He’s going with me to Rio de Janeiro”, said Scooby last week.

Floods in RS pose a risk to the mental health of the population

Source: CNN Brasil

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