Pegasus case: Israel takes spyware allegations “seriously”

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Israel takes them seriously allegations that the software company Pegasus of the Israeli company NSO The group was used to spy on illegal public figures worldwide, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gandz told his French counterpart during a visit to Paris today.

“Israel takes complaints seriously… Israel grants cyber-licenses only to nation-states and only to be used for counter-terrorism and crime purposes“Gandz’s office said in a statement after meeting with French Defense Minister Florence Parley.

Gandz met with Parley to share her initial findings from an Israeli government assessment of the NSO Group’s exports to France, which sells Pegasus software.

Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International secured a list of 50,000 phone numbers selected by customers of the Israeli cybersecurity giant NSO since 2016 for possible monitoring, and shared them with a consortium of 17 media outlets that revealed their existence a few days ago.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan are on Pegasus’ list of potential targets, as well as at least 180 journalists around the world who have been spied on by various states with access to this spyware.

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