Pentagon official: US fully supports Turkish F-16 modernization plans

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With the announcement of the signing of the joint memorandum by Turkey, Finland and Sweden, which lifts Ankara’s veto on the accession of the two northern European countries, the questions began regarding the exchanges that Turkey may have received.

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US President Joe Biden intervened by telephone before the quadripartite meeting and arranged bilateral talks with the Turkish president.

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If a senior announces the signing of the memorandum A White House official was quick to point out that the US “did not offer anything” to Ankara in order for it to change its position. It seems, therefore, that any concession made to Turkey will come as a reward for its actions and not as something that the Turkish president demanded and took. Regardless of whether he will present a top in the interior in order to reap other pre-election points.

Celeste Wallander, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense, made a public statement (on the record) stating that “the United States fully supports the plans to modernize Turkey’s F-16 fleet.” “These plans are underway and must be implemented through the procurement process, but the US supports the modernization of Turkey’s fighter fleet, because it contributes to NATO security. Ισχυ Turkey’s strong defense capabilities contribute to a strong NATO defense “, Wallander continued.

The meeting of the two presidents will take place at 18:45 today and as it is understood, the issue of F-16s will probably be one of the topics of discussion.

Following this, the issue of Turkey is transferred to the interior of the USA, as after this statement and if and if the issue of F-16s proceeds, it remains to pass through the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US Senate, which is chaired by Bob Menendez , which resists any armament assistance to Turkey. Maybe this is Biden’s strategy. Do not show this bad guy and at the same time do not change the existing strategy. It remains to be seen.

Petros Kranias

Source: Capital

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