Pentagon: The Russian army will have a hard time leaving Donbas

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The Pentagon considers that the Russia will hardly leave the Donbas area, with the result that it is expected to be extended further war in Ukrainedespite the problems faced by the Russian army, according to the US.

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According to the French Agency, a high-ranking official of the US Department of Defense noted that the Russian forces continue to have problems of cohesion, morale of the troops and logistics, but nevertheless manage to strengthen their control in Donbas and in the south of the country.

Also, as reported by APE, the Russian army is now focusing its efforts in southern Ukraine to create a land bridge that will connect Russian territory with the Crimean peninsula, which has been annexed since 2014.

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It is noted that the US Congress gave the “green light” to send $ 40 billion in aid to Kyivwhich includes a macroeconomic and humanitarian component, but also an armament.

It is expected to release $ 6 billion to equip Ukraine with armored vehicles and strengthen its air defenses as fighting rages in its southern and eastern provinces.

Source: News Beast

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