“People’s car sharing” will be launched in Moscow: you can rent your car

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The RBC news outlet, citing its own sources, reported that the Moscow authorities are planning to introduce the so-called “people’s car sharing” in the foreseeable future. The main feature of the new platform is to enable car owners to rent them out for short-term or not so lease to other individuals. That is, for example, if the owner of a car leaves the city and knows that he will not use his vehicle for some time, he will be able to rent the car through the new service, receiving additional income. True, there are a number of differences from conventional car-sharing platforms.

For example, users of “people’s car sharing” will not have a bonus in the form of free parking – all major services have this privilege. In addition, it is worth noting a key feature – an individual must refuel the rental car on his own, and he will also need to monitor the condition of the vehicle – wash and so on. But on the other hand, the creators of the state-owned car rental platform are reporting that their app is targeting longer-term rental commitments. This means that the car will be leased to an individual not for an hour or several hours, but for several days or even weeks.

Due to the long-term rental model, the cost of using the car will be lower than that of classic car-sharing platforms. However, so far there is no detailed information on prices, and taking into account the above features, you should not expect a noticeable difference in comparison with conventional services. At the same time, the Moscow authorities believe that the new platform will really be useful, since it will allow car owners to earn additional funds from vehicles that are idle in garages or parking lots, while the roads will slightly relieve congestion.

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