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Peru: At least six dead from the floods brought by Cyclone Yaku

At least six people died in Peru due to the floods caused by Cyclone Yaku, as announced on Friday, the civil protection service of the country.

“Until today (Friday) six people have lost their lives”the organization announced in a post on Twitter.

The floods that caused by torrential rains and overflowing rivers began this week and increased in the last 48 hours, affecting urban and rural areas in coastal areas of La Libertad, Lampageque, Piura and Tubes (north), on the border with Ecuador.

Cyclone Yaku, which is about 500 kilometers off the coast of Peru “it is a very unusual phenomenon, which caused heavy rains in the north” of the country, the director of the civil protection service, Cesar Sierra, told Exitosa radio station.

This type of cyclone “different from the tropics”, according to Peru’s meteorological service, is linked to the El Nino climate phenomenon, which causes a rise in the temperature of the Pacific waters off South America.

In a later announcement, the head of the National Civil Protection Institute, Carlos Yanes, clarified that “to date and since the beginning of the rainy season (a little more than three months ago) 58 people have lost their lives (…)”.

The official did not specify under what circumstances they lost their lives or when.

Source: News Beast

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