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Peru declares environmental emergency after oil spill in the Amazon

The Peruvian government declared an environmental emergency in the Loreto region on Saturday (24) after oil spilled from the Norperuano pipeline. The measure is valid for 90 days.

“The objective is to guarantee the sustainable management of the affected territories, carrying out the corresponding recovery and remediation works to mitigate environmental contamination”, says the note.

“This aims to protect the health of the inhabitants of that area of ​​the country and the conservation of the natural resources that this Amazonian territory shelters”, complements the text.

Still according to the federal administration, artisanal fishing is carried out in the area where the crude oil spill occurred, and the event “constitutes a sudden event with a significant impact on the Amazon River ecosystem, in addition to a high risk to public health”.

The Environmental Assessment and Inspection Agency assessed that “848,400 m² of water body (comprising 33,600 m² of the flotation channel), 600 m² of an unnamed stream, 154,200 m² of the Cuninico stream and 660,000 m² of the left bank of the river were affected. maranón.

Local and regional governments will coordinate with the responsible public entities the execution of the emergency plan.

Source: CNN Brasil

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