Peru: Members of Congress begin a process to impeach President Dina Bolluarte

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Immersed in a political crisis remains the Peru following the December 7 suspension, arrest and pretrial detention of Dina Boluarte’s predecessor, Pedro Castillo. Members of parliament submitted yesterday, Wednesday 25/1, a proposal for a resolution calling for the president’s resignation due to her “permanent moral incapacity”. In the protests and riots ever since at least 47 people have been killed.

The proposed motion, the contents of which Reuters has learned, has the signatures of 28 members of Congress who belong to the left and favor Castillo. The signature of 20% of the members of the House (in other words 26) was required for the submission of the. In order for the process to proceed, it must be approved by 52 members of Parliament before it can be debated and voted on by the full Congress. A two-thirds majority is required to dismiss the head of state.

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“Never before in the history of Peru has a government killed in such a short period of time, one month in power, more than forty protesters,” reads the text, which accuses President Bolluarte of allowing the abuse of power and the disproportionate use of force, among other things. The presidency did not respond when Reuters sought comment.

Bolluarte accuses Castillo, who has been remanded in custody, of polarizing the country during his 17 months in power and of attempting a “coup” before Congress removed him from office. He says he showed “irresponsibility”. The proposal for a truce fell on deaf ears. The president claims that drug traffickers and others are “instigating” the violence.

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The Office of the Ombudsman (an independent public authority responsible for the defense of human rights) announced yesterday that one more person was killed in the city of Cusco, while 90 roads are blocked. reason for 90 blocked roads.

Source: News Beast

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