Petrobras’ diesel reduction will be R$ 0.18 to the consumer, says expert

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As of this Friday (5), the reduction in the average price of diesel sales to distributors, announced by Petrobras on Thursday, will take effect. The average price dropped by R$0.20 per liter, from R$5.61 to R$5.41.

In an interview with CNN Eberaldo Almeida, former president of the Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP), stated that the reduction in diesel by Petrobras will be R$ 0.18 for the consumer.

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That’s because the fuel sold at the pump is made from 90% diesel A and 10% biodiesel.

The specialist also justified that the reduction in value is due to the drop in demand. As long as there is high inflation and countries with declining economies, the price decrease should happen.

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The last reduction in the price of diesel had taken place on May 1, 2021. However, prices may rise again, according to Almeida, if demand resumes.

New readjustment

According to the latest bulletin from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), in the last week, the average price of common diesel (S-500) in the country was R$ 7.42.

Unlike gasoline, which reached R$ 7.39 in June and is currently around R$ 5.74, driven by the reduction in ICMS and two drops by Petrobras, the value of diesel has suffered more discreet reductions.

After four adjustments by Petrobras this year – 8% in January, 24.9% in March, 8.87% in May and 14.26% in June -, oil reached R$ 7.57, also in June, and registers a decrease of R$ 0.15 in approximately a month and a half.

Next week, the ANP should register whether the change in price will be felt at gas stations.

According to the company, the decrease announced this Thursday follows the evolution of reference prices, which have stabilized at a lower level for diesel, and is consistent with the company’s practice, which seeks to balance its values ​​with the market. global.

*With information from Beatriz Puente and Filipe Brasil, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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