Petrobras’ profit hurts Brazil? PEC dos Combustíveis is born crooked and goes aimlessly

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The PEC for fuels emerged as a solution to compensate for the loss of revenue in states with lower ICMS. In addition to releasing the government from the constraints of the spending ceiling, it should also be a kind of pardon prior to non-compliance with the electoral law that prohibits benefits in an election year.

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In a few days, the PEC changed its purpose to send the money directly to the account of those who are most affected by the cost shock: poorer families and truck drivers, which, incidentally, has always been pointed out as the most effective measure.

The formulation of proposed amendments to the constitution became a sketchbook of a political project in Brazil, weakening the mechanism and immobilizing the country with so much detail shuffled in the magna letter. If changing the constitution is easy, even if it’s the way around, can you imagine changing the board of Petrobras?

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Today’s program deals with the mountain of resources that the state-owned company generates for Brazil and when it is difficult to live with this political instability.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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