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PF arrests 4 people for illegal sale of wild animals in Rio de Janeiro

The Federal Police arrested four men red-handed this Sunday morning (23) for criminal association, qualified reception, illegal possession of wild animals and mistreatment, in Laranjeiras, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the PF, the criminal group advertised the sale of animals over the Internet, on an online commerce platform, including a Moorish cat, a feline species threatened with extinction. The animal is also known as jaguarundi or puma yagouaroundi.

The criminals were concentrated in Minas Gerais, but illegally supplied wild animals to several states in the country, according to the Rio PF investigation.

In addition to the wild animals, a car, cell phones and a credit card machine were also seized.

The prisoners were sent to the Federal Police Superintendency of Rio de Janeiro to formalize their arrest in the act and were subsequently sent to the state’s prison system, where they will remain at the disposal of the Justice Department. If convicted, their sentence may be increased, due to one of the animals being threatened with extinction.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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