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PF carries out operation against international trafficking of wild animals

The Federal Police (PF) launched, this Tuesday (9), Operation Cygnus to combat international trafficking of wild animals. The investigations, which began in 2022, identified a group from Santa Catarina that was allegedly trafficking wild animals between Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The corporation reported that two arrest warrants are being served, one in Florianópolis and another in Rodeio (SC), in addition to six search and seizure warrants, two in Florianópolis, one in Angelina (SC), one in Rodeio and two in Jaraguá do Sul (SC). The warrants were issued by the 1st Federal Court of Florianópolis, which also ordered the seizure of vehicles.


“During the investigations, the PF identified a structured organization, made up of animal traffickers, logistical support, intermediaries and buyers throughout the south and southeast of Brazil, as well as the border region,” the corporation highlighted in a note.

“The suspects made successive trips to the border and used rented vehicles to transport the animals in an attempt to hinder the investigations. One of them had already been stopped several times on highways in southern Brazil, in which circumstantial reports of the incident were drawn up,” the PF reported.

He added that those involved could be held liable for crimes against the environment, qualified receiving of stolen goods and involvement in a criminal organization focused on animal trafficking.

Source: CNN Brasil

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