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PF destroys 255 hectares of marijuana plantations on the border with Paraguay

The Federal Police (PF), with the support of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat of Paraguay (Senad), destroyed at least 255 hectares of marijuana plantations on Friday (7), on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

Last week, the 44th phase of Operation New Alliance was concluded, the third carried out this year. The action was developed through international police cooperation between the two nations.

At this stage, another 55,630 kilos of ready-to-use narcotics were also seized, totaling the equivalent of 820,630 kg of the drug removed from circulation. 121 camps that served as bases for drug traffickers were also destroyed, according to the PF.

Cooperation against trafficking

In addition to the PF and Senad, the operation has the support of the Public Ministry, the Joint Task Force (FTC) and the Paraguayan Air Force.

“The PF helps fund the initiative and intelligence work, in addition to providing support with aircraft to move personnel to areas that are most difficult to access, places where the drug is cultivated,” says the federal institution.

According to the PF, the focus of the work is to combat drug trafficking at the origin of illicit activities.

“Also minimize the costs that would be applied later in criminal anti-drug prosecutions if the eradicated drug entered circulation”, he states.

According to Senad, the operation was created based on a cooperation agreement between the Paraguayan secretariat and the Brazilian Federal Police, with the understanding of shared responsibility in combating organized crime.

Source: CNN Brasil

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