PF investigates CARF lawyers and advisers involved in corruption scheme

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The Federal Police (PF) launched an operation that investigates a corruption scheme involving lawyers and counselors of the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (Carf).

The agents served warrants this Friday (11) in the city of São Paulo with the participation of the Federal Revenue Service and representatives of the Prerogatives Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).

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According to the PF, the investigations began after an award-winning collaboration agreement made between one of the investigated, who would have presented evidence of corruption and influence peddling, after an alleged payment of BRL 350,000 to a lawyer and counselor at Carf, with the to influence the judgment of proceedings in the entity.

The PF carried out a search and seizure at the home and office of one of the lawyers involved in the case, to further investigate the case.

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Those involved will answer for the crimes of passive corruption, for offering an undue advantage to a public official and for influence peddling. THE CNN contacted Carf, but still no response.

Source: CNN Brasil

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