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PF investigates group that claimed 162 victims with Emergency Aid fraud

The Federal Police (PF) is targeting a group from Goiás suspected of claiming 162 victims across Brazil during the pandemic with fraud in Emergency Aid, a government benefit granted to people who had no income due to Covid-19.

The investigation identified that the victims of Caixa Econômica Federal, all of them by contesting the transactions carried out in their bank accounts, were confirmed by the financial institution as being fraudulent.

The values ​​of the Emergency Aid benefits were removed from the victims’ accounts and used to pay bank slips, according to the PF.

The value of the fraud, calculated so far, is R$ 82,751.43.

Late Wednesday afternoon (31), the PF in Goiás, responsible for the investigation, carried out Operation Front Line and arrested three people preventively, two arrests in Quirinópolis (GO) and one arrest in Goiânia.

PF delegate Jorge Florêncio says that the criminal group could be even bigger and that investigations are continuing.

Source: CNN Brasil

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