Pfizer confirms alleged doses of its vaccine seized in Mexico and Poland

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The supposed doses of her vaccine for COVID-19 which were confiscated in Mexico and Poland and sold for as much as a thousand dollars, were counterfeit, as confirmed by the American pharmaceutical industry Pfizer.

About 80 people are known to have received the fake vaccines, which apparently have no effect on health but of course offer no protection against the new coronavirus in a Mexican clinic, according to The Wall Street Journal and reports AMPE.

The bottles were in refrigerators normally used to store fresh fish and batch numbers and fictitious expiration dates, Mexican officials explained.

In Poland, the seized liquid was a cosmetic of some kind, possibly an anti-wrinkle cream, the American pharmacy pointed out.

“We are aware that in the current climate, thanks to the convenience and scope of e-commerce and the anonymity offered by the internet, There is an increase in fraud, counterfeiting and other illegal activities “Vaccines and drugs related to COVID-19,” a Pfizer spokesman told ABC News.

In February, health authorities in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon warned against “secret” sales of “alleged COVID-19 vaccines”, urging people not to buy them.

In March, the World Health Organization also expressed concern about the detection of “fake” vaccines. Pfizer in Mexico and the possibility of “still circulating” in the region.

Pfizer examined the bottles and found that they did not contain the vaccine developed in collaboration with the German BioNTech.

“We have a very limited supply, which will increase as we increase our production and as other companies enter the vaccine market. In the meantime, the perfect opportunity is presented to criminals “, Lev Kubiak, a Pfizer executive in charge of security, told the Wall Street Journal.

Mexico also controls alleged 6,000 doses of Russian vaccine for new coronavirus, of Sputnik V, seized last month on a private plane departing for Honduras, according to the newspaper.

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