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Pfizer will be used as a booster dose for those who took Janssen in the city of SP

Pfizer will be used as a booster dose for those who took Janssen in the city of SP

The Municipal Health Department of São Paulo announced that it will use Pfizer’s vaccine for the booster dose of those who were immunized with Janssen from this Tuesday, 30. The decision was taken this Monday afternoon (29) after meeting the managers to discuss preventive actions against the Ômicron variant of the coronavirus. The capital of São Paulo will also no longer require proof of residence for vaccination against Covid-19.

The secretariat’s expectation is to quickly vaccinate more than 300 thousand people who received the dose of Janssen. According to the technical team, the use of Pfizer’s immunizing agent if there are no doses from Janssen is supported by a technical document from the São Paulo government.

On the 25th, the Ministry of Health released a technical note that advises that Brazilians who were immunized with Janssen’s vaccine take a booster dose between two and six months after the first application. The ministry’s recommendation is that the same brand’s immunizing agent be used. However, a previous recommendation, made in August this year, already authorized the use of the Pfizer vaccine for seniors who took the single dose of Janssen.

At the meeting this Monday, the secretariat also defined that it is no longer mandatory to present proof of address in the city of São Paulo to take any of the doses in the municipal health network. With the high rate of immunization for first and second doses in the capital and to strengthen national vaccination, anyone can come forward to receive the immunizing agent, regardless of place of residence.

It was also defined that cases of the Ômicron variant will have as reference the Municipal Hospital Tide Setúbal, in addition to the General Hospital Guaianazes, of the state government.

The municipal health department also reported that it has not registered new variants in circulation in the capital. In the last sample of genomic sequencing and monitoring of positive cases, all covid-19 cases were of the Delta variant.

According to the folder, tests will be carried out to detect the coronavirus in suspected (symptomatic) patients from African countries informed by the ministry and from the regions where they will reside. The city’s health network was instructed to question every symptomatic patient if they had been in Africa in the last 14 days and, if the answer is positive, then the collected sample will be sent for sequencing.

All people arriving from Africa will have their data (name, contact and address) sent by Anvisa to municipalities and the health surveillance of the city of São Paulo will guide them to maintain a 14-day quarantine, in addition to monitoring (via telephone contact) of the health status of each one. Anyone with symptoms of the disease will have the sample collected and sent for genotyping.

Reference: CNN Brasil



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