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Phenol peeling: what we know about the death of a businessman

The São Paulo Civil Police continues to investigate the death of businessman Henrique Chagas, aged 27, after undergoing a “phenol peeling” session at a clinic in São Paulo. Due to the death, beautician Natália Becker, responsible for the procedure, was charged by the police.


In a press conference this week, delegate Eduardo Luís Ferreira confirmed the indictment and highlighted the elements that led to the decision. “The fact is delicate and the police understand that the crime committed was homicide due to possible intent,” said Ferreira. “This means that the beautician assumed the risk of causing the homicide by carrying out the procedure without the appropriate structure and competence.”

Find out who Henrique Chagas, businessman who died after “phenol peeling”

To the police, Natália confirmed that she was a beautician and reported that she took a free course with a pharmacist in the state of Paraná online. She stated that the phenol used in the procedure was an attenuated version, with approximately 30% concentration and which can be freely purchased online .

The delegate highlighted that, despite the seriousness of the case, it is reckless to ask for Natália’s arrest until the expert reports are completed. The final decision on criminal liability will depend on the results of these analyses.

“No intention to kill”

Natália Becker, owner of the clinic and influencer, went to the police station this Wednesday accompanied by her lawyer. She gave a long statement, lasting approximately two hours, and upon leaving, visibly shaken, she said: “It’s difficult for me. It’s very sad about what happened. It ended my life. I never intended to do that.”

According to lawyer Tatiana Forte, who defends the beautician, her client stated that she is deeply shaken by what happened and is receiving medical treatment due to stress. “We came before the scheduled date, to provide clarifications, to collaborate with justice,” declared Forte, reinforcing his client’s commitment to cooperating with the investigations.

Specialization online

The beautician has been carrying out the aesthetic procedure since December last year, at the clinic, with an average of two procedures per week. “She took a free online course, with a pharmacist from the state of Paraná, to train herself,” explained the lawyer.

However, according to Forte, the beautician did not ask patients for pre-operative exams because it was a treatment using attenuated phenol, meaning it was less invasive.

Source: CNN Brasil

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