Philip and the bracelet that sealed his love for Elizabeth II


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The Crown Jewels are countless. Colliers, earrings, rings, tiaras and brooches studded with diamonds, covered with rubies, enriched with emeralds, cloaked in sapphires illuminate the precious compartment of Her Majesty. But yet, among the jewels of Queen Elizabeth II there is one that shines more than the others. For its preciousness, of course, but even more so for its own sentimental value.

It deals with of the bracelet that Philip decided to give to his Lilibeth to ask her in marriage. It was 1946 and the future Prince consort decided to enlist Philip Antrobus, London jeweler of Bond Street, to create, in addition to the usual engagement ring, also an unprecedented bracelet for his sweetheart.

But not with any stones, but with the diamonds of the tiara given to him by his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg who, in turn, received as a gift for her wedding, in 1903, from her uncles, Tsar Nicholas II and the empress consort Alexandra of Russia.

The diadem was thus disassembled to create, with the stones that belonged to the Romanovs and under the supervision of Philip who participated in the construction, the two tokens of love: the lonely, featuring a 3-carat brilliant-cut diamond set in a pavé of smaller diamonds, and the bracelet, with a geometric design, with 3 brilliant cut diamonds set in a series of square links connected by vertical sections. A precious one to which His Majesty seems to be particularly attached, so much so that he has chosen it, over time, on numerous occasions: from official portraits to meetings with the most illustrious personalities.

Elizabeth II, with a bracelet on her wrist, during a meeting with Winston Churchill in 1950 – Getty Images

To make the so-called even more precious Edinburgh Wedding Bracelet is that it has been worn exclusively by the rightful owner and by no other member of the royal family, except for Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge, in fact, made her debut with the bracelet on her wrist in 2015, on the occasion of an official dinner in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping and, among the latest appearances, at the award ceremony of the Bafta in 2017.

Kate Middleton wearing the Edinburgh Wedding Bracelet on her left wrist at the dinner with President of China Xi Jinping in 2015 – Getty Images

Undoubtedly a real honor and at the same time a well-wishing gesture for William’s wife if you think that that bracelet has sealed over 72 years of union and eternal love.

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