Philippe Labro – “Welcome, Mister President! “

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Welcome to 46e President of the United States ! Two and a half months after an election that Donald Trump has continued to contest, Joe Biden was solemnly sworn in on Wednesday in Washington before ex-presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, but in the absence of the loser .

“He (Joe Biden, Editor’s note) was remarkable in his inauguration speech by uttering the word“ democracy ”eleven times and the word“ unity ”seven times”, rejoices Philippe Labro. For his first address to the American people as president, Joe Biden posed as a unifier and healer of a battered America, with this formula: “We must end this uncivil war. “

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“We saw two American qualities yesterday: the ability to rebound and the sense of spectacle. Pop star – and friend of the president – Lady Gaga performed the American national anthem, Latina star Jennifer Lopez sang “This Land is Your Land”, while country singer Garth Brooks concluded with ” Amazing Grace “. Finally, and as she had suggested, the new administration wasted no time. Just hours after being sworn in on the steps of the Capitol, Joe Biden signed his first decrees, under the benevolent gaze of his vice-president Kamala Harris. “We can always count on America to do things correctly after having exhausted all the alternatives”, concludes Philippe Labro, quoting Winston Churchill. “Welcome, Mister Alternatives! ”

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