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Philosophy professor Noam Chomsky is in a Brazilian hospital after a stroke

The famous American linguist and professor of philosophy, Noam Chomsky, is hospitalized with a stroke in a Brazilian hospital. The 95-year-old, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a prolific writing career and strong involvement in international political affairs, has only appeared in public since last June, with many commenting on the cost of his absence from the wider debate surrounding the war in Gauze. Chomsky has been vocal in his support for the Palestinian struggle and what he has called the “crimes” of the Israeli state. His wife Valeria Chomsky confirmed a report by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo that her husband has difficulty speaking and that the right side of his body has been affected. He also pointed out that a neurologist, a speech therapist and a pulmonologist visit the academic on a daily basis. The famous intellectual still watches the news and his wife confirmed that he raises his left hand in a gesture of mourning and rage when he sees images of the war in Gaza.
Source: News Beast

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