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Picnic horror: Everyone froze when the bear climbed onto the table and started eating their food

One Picnic was interrupted when a hungry black bear approached a group, climbed onto their table and ate their food in the Chipinque Ecopark of of Mexico in the state of Nuevo León. The footage shows the animal devouring enchiladas and tacos inches away from several people sitting frozen in place.

At some point the bear brings her head within arm’s reach of a woman covering the face of a child. After eating, he moves along the picnic table before jumping down.

The stunning video was posted online and went viral, garnering over 10 million views on social media platform TikTok.

The park’s website warns visitors that black bear encounters have increased in the Monterey metropolitan area and have been seen roaming parks, neighborhoods and roads near the mountains, increasing the risk to people and bears, according to the BBC.

The park also has a list online with recommendations on what to do if you encounter one of the animals. One of them is that visitors “should never attempt to photograph a bear up close.”

Source: News Beast

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