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Pictures Gallery 2.8

Pictures Gallery 2.8

painting – from DIUNE, the first gesture-controlled gallery for your photos and videos. It’s fast, easy, free and ad-free.

What makes our app so good?

  • Free, fast and beautiful
  • Gesture control. Use swipes to switch albums
  • Calendar view, vertical scrolling for quick viewing
  • View by location
  • Resize photos before sharing.
  • Hide unnecessary albums


  • Share photos
  • Many options for resizing photos before sending (VGA, HD, Full-Size)
  • View all pictures on your phone in one album
  • Ability to set pictures as wallpaper and edit pictures through an external editor
  • Beautiful interface with gesture controls
  • High-quality full-screen viewing
  • Video playback and GIF animation support
  • Vertical scrolling calendar view
  • View by location and filter by city
  • Without advertising. Forever.



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