«Piece of heart», the first time by Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso

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Ten years of friendship, of music. Ten years in which Alessandra Amoroso ed Emma Marrone they have cultivated their relationship away from the spotlight and the recording rooms. Ten years which the singers, both from Salento, wanted to end. “Two girls completely different from each other, two parallel stories, a common passion, music,” wrote Emma Marrone online, publishing a black and white image of herself hugging her friend and colleague.

«We have carried out our projects and we have always supported each other and today we are here, together.

Piece of heart it is our song, your song », the artist wrote again, thus giving account of a collaboration, the first with Alessandra Amoroso.

The singers, the January 15 next, will publish Piece of heart, a passage that seems to want to tell the link. “Being able to talk about our good, our relationship despite everything and everyone through the only weapon that has been able to defend, make known and understand: music. We confided in each other, looked from afar, supported, listened to our silences while everything outside screamed. Thank you, my piece of heart, our adventure begins », Alessandra Amoroso explained, online, setting the song for January 15th. A song that Emma Marrone, on her Instagram profile, said to be the result of the union of two worlds, “to create a new one, where there is room for all the people who like us love music and sharing”.

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