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Pilots capture image of rare phenomenon in US skies; watch video

Pilots at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, United States, captured rare images of lightning-like electrical discharges last Monday (28). The phenomenon is known as “Saint Elmo’s fire”.

“During the evacuation, the 50th ARS recorded the St. Elmo fire, a weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created in an atmospheric electrical field,” Air Force Base X said on Twitter.

The footage was taken as authorities evacuated the Florida air base ahead of Hurricane Idalia.

The hurricane hit the state on Wednesday morning (30) as a Category 3 storm, but lost strength as it made its way through the region.

In addition to deaths, Idália caused billions of dollars of damage in the United States, but the toll will not be as high as other major hurricanes, Moody’s Analytics said on Thursday (31).

According to Moody’s preliminary cost estimates, Hurricane Idalia caused between $12 billion and $20 billion in damage and lost production.

*Published by Renata Souza, from CNN. With information from Reuters and CNN.

Source: CNN Brasil

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