Pinocchio, the fairy tale relives in the illustrations by Iacopo Bruno

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How many worlds are hidden and can be born inside one of the best known fairy tales in the world? A classic capable of entering the hearts of millions of boys and girls: Pinocchio. The child among children, born from a piece of wood, returns to the library for Rizzoli in a new fully illustrated edition from the deep touch and look forward to Iacopo Bruno. Thus the novel by Carlo Collodi, published for the first time in 1881, returns to spread magic and to feed the imagination of children but also of many adults. The adventures of Pinocchio is available in all bookstores from November 30th.

“When I was asked to illustrate a classic later The Christmas carol my choice went to Pinocchio for many reasons. First because this great novel represents a challenge for an illustrator, for the multiplicity of different versions published over the years and the quantity and complexity of characters and situations that alternate in the story », says Iacopo Bruno, co-founder of the graphic studio The World of DOT in Milan.

There is also a personal connection with The adventures of Pinocchio which resurfaced in the illustrator’s memory. “According to my father, in fact, when I was born I looked like the Jiminy Cricket (he was referring to the Disney version of 1940). Since Pinocchio has always played a special role in my heart and it is no coincidence that my first drawing for a competition, held by elementary schools throughout Italy, was dedicated to Pinocchio. I drew a large fireplace and Pinocchio asleep with his feet in the fire referring myself to Disney’s Pinocchio. In the original story, however, there is no real fireplace in Geppetto’s house but one drawn on a wall and a caldano to heat on which Pinocchio then burns his feet ».

The tale of Carlo Collodi is one of the most translated revisited in the world. At the cinema and in bookstores. «In my interpretation of Pinocchio for the publishing house Rizzoli, I chose to represent mainly objects, animals and characters rather than places. I think that in this way the reader can have all the tools to imagine his own personal world where he can find objects and make the characters move on the always so visual words of Collodi ».

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