PIS/Pasep allowance: see who is entitled, what amount and when they receive it

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THE salary bonus, which is paid annually in the maximum amount of one minimum wage, will begin to be distributed to workers in February.

The first requirement to receive the allowance is that the workers are enrolled in the Social Integration Program (Pis), in the case of workers in the private sector, or in the Public Servant Asset Formation Program (Pasep), for public servers.

according to Ministry of Labor and Welfare, combining PIS and Pasep, there are 23 million Brazilians eligible to receive the allowance, 22 million of which in PIS alone. Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for payments in the first program, and Banco do Brasil in the second.

Who is entitled?

In the case of PIS, the worker in the private sector will be entitled to receive the salary bonus if you have been enrolled in the program for at least five years. You must have had at least one month of paid activity with a formal contract in 2020, receiving up to two minimum wages, on average.

Another requirement is that the worker is included in the Annual List of Social Information, RAIS, of the base year of the allowance. In the case of 2022, the base year is 2020. It is in RAIS that companies send information about their employees to the government.

For civil servants, the criteria for receiving are the same: registration in the program for at least five years, having received up to two minimum wages of monthly income in the reference year, having worked at least one month in the base year and being in the 2020 RAIS .

How to check if you are entitled?

The PIS number is linked to the person’s CPF, and it is through it that it is possible to check the time of entry into the program and whether you can receive the allowance. Verification can be done through the app Box Worker. It is also possible to check the information from the Digital Work Card, or through the website www.gov.br.

For public servants, it is possible to consult the Pasep registration number through site do Bank of Brazil, informing the CPF and the date of birth. In addition to checking the number, it is possible to see if the server is entitled to the allowance.

What the value?

The allowance is proportional to the employee’s length of service in the base year. If you worked every month in 2020 and meet the requirements, you will receive the maximum amount of R$ 1,212. If you worked for a month, for example, you earn 1/12 of the national minimum wage, which is equivalent to R$101.

When will you receive?


In the case of PIS, the order of payment is by month of birth, starting with those born in January, on February 8th. Payment ends on March 31, but it is possible to withdraw the amount until December 29, 2022.

The allowance can be paid in credit in Caixa’s bank accounts or in a digital social savings account, through the Caixa Tem app.

For workers who do not have an account, it is possible to withdraw cash at Caixa’s self-service terminals, at lottery outlets and at the corresponding Caixa Aqui, with the Citizen’s Card and password. The amount can also be withdrawn at Caixa branches, presenting an official identification document.


The payment of the allowance for those enrolled in Pasep begins on February 15th, and follows the order of the final enrollment number in the program, from 0 to 9. Payments end on March 24th.

The amount of the allowance will be deposited in the accounts of Banco do Brasil, also with a maximum withdrawal period until December 29, 2022.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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