Pix sets record with 50.3 million daily transactions

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The Central Bank (BC) reported this Monday (13) that Pix broke a new record for daily transactions last Friday (10). In all, were made 50.3 million transactions in a single day.

The previous record had been registered on November 5th, with 50 million transactions, just before completing, on November 16th, one year of existence.

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To make a pix, the consumer can enter the bank’s application and inform the “key” of the person who will receive the money. This key can be a mobile number, social security number, e-mail or a random key suggested by the bank and carry out the transaction. It is also possible to make a Pix informing your bank account details.

Payment can be made from a checking account, savings account or prepaid payment account.

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“Pix is ​​another option available to the population that lives with the traditional types. The difference is, with Pix, you don’t need to know where the other person has an account. You carry out the transfer from, for example, a phone in your contact list, using the Pix Key”, explains BC.

Regarding absolute numbers, Pix already surpasses transactions by TED, DOC, bank slips, checks and other types even when adding all these competitors for the comparison.

“Pix brings an evolution of the digital payment method. As it is an everyday transactional product and the fact that we already have similar modalities, such as TED and DOC, bank slips and other ways of making money, Pix is ​​easily adhered to”, says Thiago Saldanha, CTO at Sinqia.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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