Pixel smartphones on Android 12 run out of battery quickly and apps crash

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Earlier this month, Google released the stable version of Android 12, and Pixel smartphones were the first to receive it the other day. The long-awaited system update, which took several months to test, promised stability, given the fact that the developers had enough time to identify and fix various problems and errors. However, the miracle did not happen. Some users who have already upgraded to Android 12 have complained about app crashes and very fast battery drain. One of them reported that he repeatedly reset to factory settings, but that did not help.

Users have tried tried and tested solutions for similar problems, including clearing the cache and booting in safe mode. But, apparently, this was not associated with any specific application, since the flights continued. In addition, Google stated that the problem was not related to incompatibility with third-party applications. It is difficult to judge how widespread this problem is, as there are few complaints so far. The company itself chose a wait-and-see attitude.

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